Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Medicare's 50th Anniversary Signing Off

September 4, 2012

The 50th anniversary of medicare's fiery birth here in Saskatchewan has now come and gone.

The Saskatchewan labour movement, the Saskatchewan Health Coalition, community clinics, the Saskatchewan CCPA, the provincial NDP and others ensured that is was well-marked with lessons learned from the historic battle in 1962.

I hope this site has provided an useful resource for those advocating for defending and improving Canada's public health care system.

The site will be left up for as long as Google lets blogs remain dormant.

Please visit the sites listed on the right of this blog for updates for the continuing fight to ensure health care for all, in Canada and elsewhere.

Please also visit the articles published in Briarpatch magazine and Canadian Dimension written by Dr. Lorne Brown and myself relating to the 50th anniversary.

Same Fight, New Foes

The Birth of Medicare: From Saskatchewan’s breakthrough to Canada‑wide coverage

Thank you all for your comments and spreading the word.

Doug Taylor
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