Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep our Doctors Committees in the Saskatchewan medicare controversy

By Ahmed Mohiddin  Mohamed
University of Saskatchewan
September, 1963

Shortly after the doctor's strike in Saksatchewan, Ahmed Mohiddin Mohamed researched and wrote his MA thesis on the Keep Our Doctor's Committees that had been formed to support the doctors.

It remains an important and valuable resource for those researching and understanding the fight for medicare in Saskatchewan. - NYC

Abstract: The main task of the study has been to trace the development of the KODs - how, when, where and why did they come into being. Chapter II discussed the background to the Medicare controversy, the doctors' "unalterable" opposition to "State-Medicine", the College's efforts to educate the profession and the public on the matter and the Government's endeavours to meet what it considered the doctors' legitimate concerns.

As the controversy developed, however, it soon became apparent that the real issues were those of differing social and political philosophies, of the concept of society and of the place of the individual and his relation to political authority. As neither the College nor the Government trusted the other, the issue became insoluble.

Download full report HERE. (large PDF)

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