Sunday, August 21, 2011

Canadian Doctors for Medicare Endorses CMA/CNA Principles

Canadian Doctors for Medicare
August 21, 2011

ST. JOHN'S, NEWFOUNDLAND --  Canadian Doctors for Medicare is pleased to endorse the CMA and CNA's "Principles to Guide Health Care Transformation in Canada" - and it has thoughtful ideas about how to apply them.

"The CMA and CNA principles demonstrate a clear commitment to a national framework that builds on the Canada Health Act to ensure our system is based on need, not ability to pay," said Dr. Bob Woollard, a board member of Canadian Doctors for Medicare. "The principles reflect what Canadians said at the CMA town halls this summer, and they recognize the need for an equitable system that respects the foundations of publicly funded health care: universality, accessibility and quality."

CDM recognizes that the principles in the CHA are key to enhancing the patient experience, improving population health and getting value for money in our health care system, and all are critical to any transformation. In particular, the principle of an equitable system that addresses the social determinants of health is a significant inclusion.

In the spirit of heath care transformation, Canadian Doctors for Medicare has proposed a number of ways to apply these principles to Canada's health care system. CDM's "Health Care Transformation Top 10" outlines ways to improve Canada's health care system, and the "Bottom 10" highlights the practices that are doing the most harm, and ought to be stopped.

"We know that there are smart, cost-effective ways to make our system more efficient, and to ensure that patients are at the centre of our system," said Woollard. "We are delighted to add them to the debate. At the same time, we need to be vigilant to ensure that reforms uphold the CMA/CNA principles, and strengthen our publicly-funded system."

The Health Care Transformation Top Ten and Bottom Ten are available at:


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  2. Great to hear! In July 2011, the Canadian Alliance of Community Health Centre Associations (CACHCA) also endorsed the CMA/CNA principles, adding to them another recommended principle which was not included in the CNA/CMA list. This is the principle of "community-oriented" health care. To see CACHCA's news release on the matter, visit:

    You can also support these efforts by signing online petitions in provinces/territories across Canada. See: