Monday, July 16, 2012

Unsung health heroes

By Del Hancock
Letter to the Editor:
Regina Leader Post
July 16, 2012 
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During the recent celebration of the 50th anniversary of medicare in Saskatchewan, we paid homage to Tommy Douglas for his great contribution to health care in Canada.

There are also the unsung heroes of the fight for medicare who warrant the Order of Canada or at least recognition for their devotion to duty. During the absence of doctors in their protest against the health-care changes, communities relied on the help of nurses. They didn't worry about lawsuits and I doubt "standing orders" even existed. Common sense was more prevalent.

We, personally, were recipients of outstanding help from a nurse in Fillmore. Her name happens to be Eileen Nurse. She is past 90 now and living in retirement in Regina. There are probably thousands of people who would agree that she went far beyond the call of duty to help people. There must be other communities who remember people like Eileen, who during that time were called upon to help with the sick.

Let's honour those people and name others who were on the "front lines" in time of crisis.

Del Hancock, Fillmore

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