Friday, June 22, 2012

Saskatchewan cities and towns proclaim Medicare Month

Saskatchewan Health Care Coalition

The cities of Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Swift Current, Saskatoon and Regina are proclaiming July as Medicare Month. 

The Health Minister also wrote Marlene Brown of the Saskatchewan Health Coalition this week to confirm the Province of Saskatchewan is doing the same.

And today, the town of Birch Hill has confirmed they are proclaiming July as Medicare Month.

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  1. After 50 years it is clear that medicare has failed. Canada has fallen behind the US in survival rates for every major disease, waiting lists are out of control, and quality has declined. Without price signals there is no way to judge the value of goods and services including healthcare.

    The current government monopoly denies people the right to purchase healthcare services they need and want, and to choose what services best fit their needs. Instead of producers competing to serve customers, government takes taxes by force, then bureaucrats spend other people's money on others. Instead of attracting consumers, the healthcare system seeks to cut costs by discouraging consumption. There is constant pressure to discourage use of the system. Doctors are underpaid and there aren't enough family doctors, the newest medicines aren't offered and surgeries are declared non essential.

    Canadian are used to choosing where to live, what car to drive, what to wear. Freedom is a Canadian value. But, medicare is not freedom; medicare says people are stupid and that they need the government to care for them. Medicare says that without government people would squander their money and die in the streets. We need a healthcare system consistent with Canadian values, not Soviet values.