Friday, April 6, 2012

Bold Experiment: A pioneer's vision of health care

Bold Experiment
By Matthew S. Anderson
Your Nickel's Worth Publishing

Bold Experiment, an autobiography written by Matthew S. Anderson (1882 - 1974) - a man recognized by Tommy Douglas as 'a pioneer of social medicine'.

The 80-page book, including photographs, documents and memorabilia, uncovers the little-known history behind an important piece of our Canadian culture, heritage and identity: the story behind how Medicare first came to Saskatchewan.

Since its inception as a province, Saskatchewan has been home to grassroots idealism, to people willing to work hard to make a difference and to those willing to persevere despite the odds. Matthew Anderson believed strongly that Canadians should have protection against the cost of illness. After almost 20 years of dedication and determination to transform the idea into reality, this man, a plain "dirt farmer" from Bulyea, Saskatchewan, forged and made work North America's first comprehensive, prepaid medical care plan.

"Matthew Anderson was a Canadian original - a genuine hero, who pioneered in the creation of public medicare. His concern for others, and his good Prairie common sense, produced the basic ideas for a world-class system of collective care. It's important that his story be told, and that we honour the memory of this remarkable man." - Allan Rock, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations (former Canadian federal health minister)

"What a fascinating glimpse into our province's history that helped break trail for a national health care system." - Pamela Wallin

Given the interest in the Tommy Douglas story and the history of Medicare, this book provides a timely perspective from one of the early pioneers of health care in North America.

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