Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tommy's Heirloom: A backgrounder and screenplay

MEDICARE AS POLICY: Context for Tommy’s Heirloom

This essay surveys the story of how medicare legislation was developed for the province of Saskatchewan and took effect on July 1st, 1962.

Through the case study of Saskatchewan medicare legislation, a screenplay [by Stephanie Gan] complementary to this essay develops the following more general themes: the process of policy development and the roles played by politicians, experts and civil servants; the nature of good policy; medicare in Saskatchewan as precedent and as continuing legacy.

“It is most necessary for any government that those in charge of various departments shall be competent and capable of absorbing new ideas and techniques. No matter how good legislation is, if those in charge of administering it are unsympathetic or incapable of a new approach, little good will come of it.”

These words belong to Tommy Douglas, the man voted to be the Greatest Canadian in 2004 for the social agenda his party, the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, brought to Saskatchewan and Canada.

The credit is well-deserved.

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