Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tea Party campaign manager died for lack of private health insurance

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September 13, 2011

Ron Paul, true to his word, though revelation comes after debate.

Paul: Kent [literally] poured every ounce of his being into our fight for freedom. September 14, 2011: According to Ron Paul, churches, not governments or employers, should take care of the sick and dying, writes Wil Longbottom of the Daily Mail. After Paul's campaign manager died of complications from pneumonia, uninsured, we learn that Paul's last presidential nomination campaign did not provide its staff with medical coverage.

"Ron Paul's former campaign manager died from complications caused by pneumonia because he couldn't afford health insurance, it has emerged.

The details surrounding the 2008 death of Kent Snyder were revealed hours after the Tea Party candidate indicated he did not agree with free state health care for the poor.

Mr Snyder, 49, died on June 26, 2008, with hospital costs totalling $400,000 after he became ill with viral pneumonia.

The bill for his care was sent to his mother, who was unable to pay, and so a website was set up by friends to secure donations. Mr Paul's election campaign did not provide workers with medical insurance…"

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